Through The Looking Glass: Overcoming Organizational Perspectives
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Traditionally, UX has viewed SEO as being disruptive to design and communication, and SEO believe UX overlooks searchability. But in order to make our campaigns successful, we need to be empathetic to each other. Steve Floyd, CEO and Founder at AXZM, walks through how designers think and what they value, understanding contrasting and differing language and tools in SEO and UX communities, and how to better integrate and add value to design workflows as an SEO.

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Steve Floyd, Founder & Principle Consultant at AXZM Group in Dallas

What’s up? My name is Steve Floyd. I hang out at the intersection of Technical SEO, UX / IA and Content Strategy. I’m the principle consultant and founder of AXZM Group, a Dallas, TX based digital marketing consultancy. We do a lot of stuff for Healthcare, Education and Non-Profits, but have worked in almost all the most competitive verticals.

I frequently speak at local, regional and national conferences on the topics of Strategy, Marketing and Design. You can view some of my presentations at –

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