The Emotional Drivers of Highly Successful Viral Content
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Harvard Business Review contributor and VP of Creative at Fractl, Kristin Tynski will discuss the internal research into the emotional activators that are at the heart of viral content. She will share specific examples of how to apply these emotions and dive into the insights learned from the success of other emotional content innovators from across the web. She will describe actionable tips for creating content that can gain major sharing traction, mainstream pickups, and viral success.

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Kristin Tynski, VP Creative at Fractl in Delray Beach, FL

I am the VP of Creative at Fractl where I head up a team of talented and inspiring designers, programmers, writers, and journalists. I am responsible for making sure that we come up with incredibly shareable, and often viral campaigns, and making sure that we exceed the expectations of our clients. Prior to Fractl, I was one of the owners of Voltier Digital, a full service agency that was acquired in 2011. I have a Bachelors degree in communication from Boston College.

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