Practical Content Skills to Improve Creativity and Idea Generation
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Only a few years ago “creative content” meant an infographic that would be shared widely simply for its novelty. Now only truly creative and innovative content ideas gain attention and traction. But having good ideas is hard! ShellShock Director Shelli Walsh shares practical thinking skills and brainstorming techniques to drastically improve your idea generation for content and talks through examples of content projects from brands doing outstanding content marketing.

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Shelli Walsh, Director at ShellShock Ltd in UK | The North

I am the founder of ShellShock UK, a content marketing & production agency. Our focus is on creativity, quality & delivery.

I have 20 years professional creative, marketing and business experience. I speak at industry conferences and works with clients, from big brands to SMEs, worldwide and in Leeds.

I write a blog at and publish free ebooks at

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