Powers of Persuasion: How to Create Personalized Customer Experiences
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The future of the web is about creating engaging experiences. Innovating quickly to target individual visitors is the best way to stay fresh in a competitive landscape. But how can you build your ecommerce organization around these goals? In this webinar, Sergio Iacobucci, Associate Strategist at Qubit, will outline the principles of persuasion. You will learn how to: prevent cart abandonment, create persuasive messaging, target specific customer segments, and optimize offers and discounts!

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Sergio Iacobucci, Associate Strategist at Qubit Digital Ltd in London, United Kingdom

Sergio has covered a variety of roles from being Children?s Soft Play Centre Manager to a Founder of an online fancy dress business. Sergio?s role prior to his return to Qubit was as an Area Manager for Aldi Stores Ltd responsible for four stores and sixty members of staff. Sergio?s passion for technology and business led him back to Qubit in 2013. Sergio loves motorsport and races regularly in his own go-kart at the weekends.

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