Making Great Marketing Videos with a Team of One
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Video content can have a huge ROI, but how do you make a pro-quality video by yourself? Clloud founder Jill Keto walks through how she tackled this dilemma and created a simple system to continually create video for social, lead-gen, and SEO. Learn about: interviewing a subject; how to capture b-roll; editing; audio and video equipment; why you don?t want to host on YouTube if you want SEO authority; and how to make your video crawlable by Google.

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Jill Keto, VP Marketing at Easy Metrics in Seattle, WA

I’ve been doing digital marketing for 15 years, and now focus on lead-gen/demand-gen through digital only channels for the B2B SaaS market. I love working with companies that are serious about growing and have great sales teams to close deals on marketing nurtured leads. If content marketing is my arsenal, then video is my weapon of choice. B2B Video marketing is the way for early-stage SaaS companies to go toe-to-toe with much bigger competitors because it works for SEO creating new leads, nurtures leads through education and better email open rates, and for analytics – is the only form of content whose consumption is trackable in real time.
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