How to Find Where Your Website is Leaking Money (and How to Fix It)
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Everyone’s website leaks money. But how do you find those leaks? It’s a complete science of its own. Finding and plugging those leaks is the key to effective conversion optimization. Peep Laja from ConversionXL is going to teach you how to identify the leaks and come up with the hypotheses to plug them (plus, run tests to see if it worked).

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Peep Laja, Chief Conversion Architect at ConversionXL / Markitekt in Austin, TX

Peep Laja is an entrepreneur and conversion optimization expert.

He’s been doing digital marketing for 10+ years in Europe, Middle East, Central America and the US. He has extensive experience across verticals: in the past he?s run a software company in Europe, an SEO agency in Panama, real estate portal in Dubai and worked for an international non-profit. Today he runs a conversion optimization agency Markitekt.

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