How to Drive Activity in Your Online Community
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Richard Millington, Founder of FeverBee, a community consultancy, will take you through the community management framework, a process of content, activities/events, discussions, and platform design to drive high levels of activity in your online community

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Richard Millington, Founder and CEO at FeverBee Limited in London, United Kingdom

Richard Millington is the founder and managing director of FeverBee, a community consultancy dedicated to helping organizations build highly addictive communities. He is the author of Buzzing Communities: How To Build Bigger, Better, and More Active Communities, and the blog.

FeverBee?s clients have included Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Oracle, Lego, Greenpeace, Autodesk, Mozilla, PatientsLikeMe, and many more of the world?s top community-based organizations.

You can download 50% of Richard?s book for free at:

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