Analytics toolkit: 3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Revenue for Your Clients
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Can you confidently say to every client – for every $1 you spend with me, you are going to get $X back in revenue? The truth is, most marketers can’t see metrics all the way through to revenue. And the key for growth is having visibility into the right metrics so you can recommend the right optimizations to your clients.

In this webinar, analytics experts at Kissmetrics will teach you 3 ways to help your advertisers increase conversions and revenue. At the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to talk intelligently with your clients about how analytics can help them:

  • Measure the direct impact that campaigns have on revenue and profit
  • Recommend the best optimizations that will lead to your clients’ goals
  • Understand where their best customers come from and what drives the highest conversion rates: like specific campaigns, channels, and product features
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KEARA CHO Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kissmetrics

ANDREW WYATT Product Manager, Kissmetrics

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